In Creara we have designed an integral service of electric car charging points that incorporates a wallbox, the design of the solution, the development of the project, the installation of electric car charging points and finally the management of the charging point.

The wallbox to be installed can be designed by Creara or by an external supplier so that we can integrate it into the project.

Instalar puntos de carga coches

Stages to install an electric car charging point

La instalación de puntos fijos de recarga de coche eléctrico incluye:

  • Phase I: customer needs analysis. Our team of specialist engineers collects data and measures the required charging speed for each type of electric vehicle and business. This stage is of particular importance, as it will determine whether the installation requires an increase in power, to what extent and what type of wallbox should be installed.
  • Phase II: Development of the project for the installation of the number of fixed electric car charging points adequate to serve the company’s needs. The project includes the type of installation, the wallbox number, its components and functionalities.
  • Phase III: Our installers will execute the implantation in field with all the guarantees, managing legalizations and permissions as well as painting and labelling the parking spaces if required.
  • Phase IV: Management of the electric vehicle charging installation: Finally, the electric car charging points will be placed under an energy management platform that will make it possible to determine which users can charge, through which electric vehicle connector, for how long, at what price or at what speed, among others.
recargar puntos de recarga coches electricos

The wallbox of Creara

The wallbox of Creara is a simple piece of equipment whose components adapt to the specific needs of your company, industry, home or community of neighbours.

Our wallbox is modular and flexible to adapt to any charging point of car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle or electric industrial.

The fact that everything is done under the same supplier as Creara, solves problems derived from maintenance that may face the manufacturer of the wallbox with the installer. With Creara, the manufacturer is the installer and the manager.

The app for electric car charging point management

Creara offers its fixed electric car charging points an app that helps users locate and pay for the charged energy if necessary. Signing up for the Creara app means becoming part of an international network of electric car charging points, allowing the user or company to have the availability to charge whenever they need to.

Financing of electric car charging points

Creara, as an energy services company, allows financing the installation of electric car charging points over time. It is even possible to develop projects in which Creara makes the investment, recovering it with the energy sold to the users of the different charging points.

Creara as an authorized load manager

Creara, in its eagerness to provide a 360-degree integral service, becomes a load manager. This way, you can resell electric energy for your electric car charging points. Thus, after the installation of fixed points of electric car charging Creara manages the sale of energy, solving a problem that many customers have and that prevents them from selling energy to others.



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