At Creara we are convinced that one of the revolutions that our society is going to experience in the coming years will be that of electric mobility and sustainability in transport.

The electric car is going to be the epicentre of the revolution. The deployment that is already being carried out in some countries to boost the electric car charging network is key to reaching the future.

At Creara we understand that companies and organizations must provide their employees and customers with charging systems for their cars, motorcycles and commercial or industrial electric vehicles.

In this area, Creara’s charging systems cover the integral development of your project, from equipment design, implementation project, administrative procedures and licenses, installation, management and maintenance, as well as financing.

The wallbox of Creara

At Creara we understand that the best electric car charging service is one that integrates installation and equipment.

We bet for the security of the installation and the flexibility of the charger with a very competitive price. Our wallbox has all the sockets required by the market: mennekes charger, skame, chademo or a simple schuco socket.

If necessary, at Creara we also work with the main wallbox manufacturers to charge electric vehicles in order to find your personalised solution.

Strategic Consulting for Electric Mobility

Many companies aim to take part in the future of electric mobility. The difficulty lies in how to offer your customers and suppliers the best service to charge your electric car.

From Creara, we help you to set up the strategy of deploying charging points from the concession of places, the massive installation of points, the rental of cars or electric motorcycles for clients in hotels, or the integration of the strategy of electric vehicles with human resources policies.

We will be able to integrate the electric vehicle charger into your organisation’s strategy.



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