Creara has profound experience in the development of projects related to the carbon footprint, greenhouse gases and everything related to the calculation and inventory of gases and emissions associated with climate change.

Carbon footprint calculation

Creara carries out carbon footprint calculation projects for companies, events and products. Creara’s services range from the analysis of the production cycle and the definition of the scope of the carbon footprint, to the collection of direct and indirect data from each of the emission sources needed to calculate or prepare a CO2 emissions calculator.

Creara has a multidisciplinary team of experts in the different international standards used to determine the calculation of the carbon footprint (PAS 2050, GHG Protocol, ISO 14064, Bilan Carbone) ensuring the use of the most appropriate calculation methodology for each client.

What is the Carbon Footprint?

The carbon footprint defines the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with the life cycle of a product or during the development of activities that comprise an activity provided by an organization; that is, it is based on the measurement of CO2 of an activity or product. It is expressed as an equivalent amount of CO2.

Phases of carbon footprint calculation

The first phase is the definition of the type of scope on which the company’s carbon footprint calculation project is to be developed. In addition, it is necessary to know which international standard is chosen and on which the CO2 measurement and carbon footprint calculation project will be developed.

Once the limits where the CO2 measurement will take place have been defined, data must be gathered. This data collection shall range from the consumption of direct sources such as gas or diesel, electricity or indirect emissions produced by suppliers and raw materials. In other words, an inventory of GHG emissions must be carried out. To do this, following a correct system of source identification and data traceability is very important to ensure quality.

After that, a CO2 calculator should be configured as a tool that uses these collected data as well as so-called emission factors. This CO2 calculator will also allow you to have a control of CO2 over time, or for different products.

Where can the carbon footprint be calculated?

Usually the calculation of the carbon footprint is done on a product or on an organization. The CO2 measurement for a product is carried out on any product. However, you can also calculate a company’s carbon footprint. In this sense, Creara has carried out several projects for institutions and companies that have carried them out for their facilities.

Greenhouse Gas Planning

Creara develops greenhouse gas planning projects. In these projects, our engineers carry out a greenhouse gas inventory, a global carbon footprint of the organization in order to analyse where they are with respect to some KPIs. This measurement of greenhouse gases and CO2 control is analysed under several scenarios: a business as usual scenario; a conservative scenario of implementation of emission saving measures; and a more ambitious one. And we do it by comparing it to the industry standard.

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GHG Inventory

Creara carries out consulting and engineering projects related to the elaboration of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories.

Creara’s services consist of the design and development of an appropriate methodology for CO2 control and management of the organization’s emission sources, as well as quantification and reporting of the emissions resulting from its activity.

Creara has a team of professionals who are experts in the ISO-14064-1 Greenhouse Gases standard, considered the reference standard at the international level in the definition of GHG Inventories.

What is a Greenhouse Gas Inventory?

A GHG Inventory is the compilation of an organization’s CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions from the analysis of its emitting sources.

Carrying out a GHG Inventory provides a management tool for emissions that facilitates the identification of opportunities to reduce them, which translates into energy and economic savings.

In addition, it allows greenhouse gas reporting with sustainable statements, which can be evaluated by an independent third party, increasing the credibility and transparency of the organization in the market.

Creara carries out consulting projects related to the reduction and compensation of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Creara’s services range from the design of GHG compensation systems, the calculation of the emissions generated and reduced by the system, to the technical, economic and legal feasibility studies of the different alternatives of compensation systems identified.



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