Creara provides engineering, consulting, management and dissemination services in the fields of energy efficiency and energy saving. Our energy efficiency services and projects for companies and institutions are always based on a broad knowledge of the sector and the experience of our team.

As an energy efficiency consultancy, our mission is to promote energy saving whatever the installation: from an industry to a municipality or a company in the service sector.

Energy Audit Engineering

One of our historical areas of work is energy efficiency auditing. Creara is an energy efficiency company with many years developing this type of projects. We have thousands of references in the field, with specific tools and technical equipment capable of detecting inefficiencies in the installation and proposing improvements.

In this way, the energy manager of the installation will always have the potential and support of our team of professionals in the field.

Implementation of energy efficiency technologies

Creara develops projects for the implementation of energy efficiency technologies for companies, industries and public administrations.

In our engineering and consulting service, we will advise you on the energy saving measures to be implemented, especially focused on improving air conditioning, lighting and other equipment such as engines, production processes or industrial cooling systems, among others.

In this area of project development, Creara can finance your installation, acting as an energy services company and financing the installation through the energy savings generated.

Get to know our consulting services

Creara has an in-depth knowledge of the market and the technologies used in the matter, having a wide portfolio of experiences at international and national level, working as expert advisor in regulation for governments and institutions.

We have extensive knowledge of financing energy efficiency projects through commercial banks, energy service companies or multilateral organizations, among others.

This experience gives us a technical vision at a legal, technical and financial level that has led us to work for public and private bodies developing expert reports.

Advice on Research and Innovation

Research and innovation activities have a fundamental relevance both in advising our clients and in the development of our own services and products.

In projects of the European Horizon 2020 programme, we combine our technical knowledge in energy efficiency, our experience as an ESCO and our participation in international initiatives to add value to the development of tools and programmes to promote energy efficiency in buildings, industry and other sectors.



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