Thanks to Creara’s GENiO 2.0 Telemetry system, you can have a real-time online service for monitoring the main energy, electricity and gas parameters of your supply points.

Through our on-line software GENiO 2.0 you will have access to all the information that allows you to understand and monitor in a simple way the energy demand of your supplies, simulate the company bills and make decisions to save energy and money in your company, industry or office.

And the most important thing, without additional cost in invoice. Paying the same or less than what you pay to the company will provide a high value-added service that will help you in the short, medium and long term to reduce the energy bill.

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry is the remote measurement of the energy consumption of any installation, whether gas or electricity, in order to manage and save energy. Traditionally, this measurement is done face-to-face since the energy meters, although digital, do not have a modem that sends the recorded consumption data. However, it is possible to monitor electricity and gas consumption if the corresponding meters have a modem. In this way, it is possible to make a remote measurement. This makes it possible to carry out monitoring, management and energy saving actions on the consumption of the installation.

Advantages of Telemetry

When monitoring the energy consumption in the company or organization, one of the most convenient options is to have under control the variables for which the bill is paid: active energy, power and reactive energy. To develop an optimization project of these three variables, by means of alarm systems and bills optimization tools, will allow to generate savings thanks to the reduction of consumptions, and the penalties that are paid for these concepts.

Another advantage of telemetry is its low cost. You only need to change the meter to one with a modem or add a modem to the existing meter.

On the other hand, telemetry makes it possible to simulate the energy bill in such a way that the amount can be predicted prior to sending the company

In short, knowing the consumptions allows you to save by having better information to negotiate the price of the contract and achieve a reduction in the amount derived from it.

Service for SMEs, offices and large companies

Although telemetry can be carried out on any type of meter, the Swap&Play service of the GENiO platform is applicable to supplies with tariffs of 3 and 6 periods.

In an SME, especially in a small multi-point network of premises, it will make it possible to develop actions to optimise and reduce electricity consumption costs. Savings will vary widely depending on billing status.

In a large company with many supply points, it allows you to have a comparison of consumption and control over bills and operation of facilities at a very low cost.

In a large industry with complex consumptions, it will also be necessary to complement telemetry with a sub-metering network, which makes it possible to distinguish between consumptions.

Creara’s electricity meter

Creara’s Swap&Play solution consists of a meter that incorporates a communication modem that sends data through GPRS to the cloud, where our GENiO solution is housed. GENiO is the tool where you can visualize consumption, generate reports, simulate bills and/or establish alarms and alerts.

This consumption measuring device is conveniently homologated and calibrated in the laboratory according to current regulations. It is periodically reviewed and re-calibrated when the distributing company requires it. This is a first-rate measuring equipment, high reliability and robustness just like the one that exists at any point of consumption, which Creara incorporates a communication modem.

Types of light meters

Creara’s Telemetry solution is applicable to any type of meter, as long as the supply point has a tariff of 3 periods (tariff 3.1 or tariff 3.0A) or 6 periods (tariff 6.1 or higher). Therefore, it is applicable with meters of type 1 to 3, and not in meters of type 4 and 5.

Although apparently all meters are the same, reality is not like that. Depending on the characteristics of the electricity supply, the regulations stipulate the type of meter to be installed.

Meters type 1 and 2 are prepared for large installations where the number of electrical equipment is considerable and high consumption occurs. They are intelligent meters and therefore digital, which must always have a communication modem that sends the consumption data produced via GSM / GPRS.

Type 3 and 4 meters are found in medium sized installations and in most premises. They are usually digital or intelligent meters with reading usually in-situ. If telemetry is required, a modem is required.

Type 5 meters are domestic meters, as well as those in small premises. These facilities are the only ones where mechanical meters can still be found. In 2007, the STAR project was developed, which requires these meters to be replaced by 31 December 2018 with digital or intelligent meters that allow time discrimination and remote management.

Installation of Creara meters

The installation of Creara’s telemetry solution is a very simple process. This is a homologated meter, similar to, and sometimes even identical to, the meter of the distribution company. The meter must be parameterized in the factory according to the characteristics of the electrical installation. If required by current regional regulations, it must pass a calibration and verification process in the laboratory. Before starting the installation in the field, a notification is issued to the distributing company regarding the meter replacement procedure. The date on which the owner/user, Creara’s technician, the authorized installer and the distributor’s technician will appear at the point of consumption is agreed. The distributor unseals the old meter, the installer replaces it with the new meter and the company seals it again.

The Creara technician then tests the communications through the modem and the correct reading of data. This whole process takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

From this moment and during the term of the contract with Creara, the user will stop paying the meter rental to the company and will pay Creara an amount equal to or less than said rental for the telemetry service and purchase of the meter.

For this reason, we can say that Creara performs a telemetry service of high added value at zero cost.

Once Creara’s contract ends, the client will keep the meter and will not have to pay more for the rent of his meter to company.

GENiO: Monitoring, management, reporting and invoicing software

GENiO is an energy monitoring and management program. It is the brain where the intelligence of Creara’s telemetry system is found. This monitoring software has several modules for energy management, energy consumption reporting, supply billing, parameter optimisation or the incorporation of ISO 50001 application methodologies and energy saving measures. It’s a cloud-based energy management program, so there’s no installation and no license fee. The management intelligence is what helps generate energy savings and optimize the management of the point of supply.

Energy consumption reports

One of the functionalities of GENiO is the possibility of making monitoring reports of energy consumption. The software allows to visualize the consumption of reactive energy, active energy and power demanded by the installation. GENiO allows to deploy alerts for the detection of incidents in the evolution of consumption. This monitoring can also be carried out by comparing the same supply point in different time periods, or by comparing different consumption points with each other in the same time period. These results can be converted into automatic periodic reports on the evolution of key energy parameters, which are essential for energy monitoring and management.

Bill simulator

Creara’s GENiO software allows you to develop a detailed and precise forecast of bills. GENiO’s invoice forecasting is strict and rigorous as the software extracts the data from the tax accountant, from which the marketer extracts the invoiced consumption. This cost simulation is also done by incorporating into the intelligence of the program the data of the supply contract, either under the modality of a fixed price or an indexed price, so that the prices will also always be updated.

Telemetry service of Creara, without additional cost in the invoice

Creara’s telemetry system is based on a zero-cost model, in other words, with no additional cost to the one paid to the company by a user who does not have our service. This economic model is based on the fact that the meter becomes property. The cost of the new equipment, its installation, the use of the GENiO platform and telecommunications, as well as any other additional cost will always be equal to or less than the monthly rent of the meter paid on the energy company’s bill.

The costs of the Creara service will be lower the longer the contract, so that double savings can be obtained: savings in the cost of renting the meter as opposed to the cost of renting it to the company, and savings through the application of energy management measures arising from the monitoring and interpretation of consumption itself.



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