Energy management is increasingly present in companies or public administrations, from Corporate Social Responsibility policies to consumption control to boost energy savings or the contracting of supply points.

It is no longer strange to find organizations with an energy management system with a deployment of monitoring teams to ensure optimization of energy efficiency of their facilities.

Creara. Engineers responsible for Creara energy management

The figure of the energy manager becomes key for an organization to achieve its objectives of efficiency and energy saving, its commitments to the environment and society as well as improving competitiveness in their production processes.

Any company, regardless of its nature or size, can optimise its costs and consolidate its commitments with the help of the right professional.

In particular, tasks related to the supply and consumption of energy, and in particular the need for efficient energy management to promote energy savings, consume valuable resources for an organization, due to their increasing complexity.

Promotion of energy saving

Creara’s experience as a leading company in the promotion of energy saving makes us a fundamental partner for your organisation to whom you can entrust the tasks of optimising the energy efficiency of your industry, office or business. A Creara advisor will become the energy manager of your company, being able to use the resources in those tasks that bring added value to your company.

Energy saving management is in good hands. With the support of Creara, your organization will obtain the best advantages that the energy market can offer you with less effort, under a service with 360 degrees focus.

From our experience as an engineering company specializing in efficiency and energy saving, we will recommend outsourcing the management of your energy consumption.

In this way, you leave the implementation of energy saving measures in expert hands to an Energy Services Company which, after analysing its installations, will propose a tailor-made solution, without wasting resources and with the aim of, in a short period of time, earning money with the savings.

Telemetry, monitoring and sub-metering as keys to energy management.

One of the key elements in energy management is the measurement of energy consumption. Measurement and performance are key in energy management systems according to ISO 50001. From Creara we deploy digital technology of telemetry in the fiscal meter or sub-metering equipment to monitor the energy where the main consumptions take place.

The analysis of the results is the basis for our consultants to draw up a personalised plan for optimising and saving energy, emissions and billing costs.



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