In Creara we are aware that one of the next energy revolutions that is coming is photovoltaic energy. The installation of solar panels for self-consumption is a natural way towards the so-called distributed generation, where everyone can consume energy instead of demanding it from the electricity grid.

The self-consumption with photovoltaic solar energy consists in the installation of a small generating plant in our companies, industrial warehouses, roofs or organisms to take advantage of the solar energy to the maximum without need to store energy in batteries or to inject the excess energy.

Therefore, all the power produced by the solar self-consumption kit is eventually used; nothing is injected into the grid.

Photovoltaic is in an ideal situation

At present, self-consumption with solar energy is in an excellent situation due to the continued decline in prices for the installation of solar panels and technology related to the sector.

At present, such an installation can be amortized in terms of less than 5 years, although this situation will depend on many factors.

As a bonus, the existing solar radiation in Spain is very positive and the energy collected by photovoltaic panels for self-consumption represents a great profitability opportunity for companies and organizations.

Phases of a Creara photovoltaic solar energy self-consumption project

Initially it is essential that our engineers collect data on the demand curve of the installation, its location, the price of energy currently paid or the land or roof where the installation of photovoltaic self-consumption will take place.

Subsequently, by means of an engineering study, it will be determined which power is necessary to install, which determines the number of modules or solar panels for self-consumption.

After the data collection, our technicians will develop the engineering project of self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy, determining power to install, as well as legalizations, licenses, connections or structures to be carried out.

The larger and more stable the demand for electricity, the greater the possibility of generating a large self-consumption project, as long as there is space to install the photovoltaic modules.

Finally, our installers will carry out the installation, always using equipment from manufacturers with recognized prestige and enough guarantee to ensure the profitability of the project.

Financing possibilities for photovoltaic self-consumption

Creara, as an energy services company, develops projects for the installation of solar panels for self-consumption financing the installation during the years it takes to recover the investment.

This financing model can be made against the energy savings that the installation generates.

It can also act by means of a PPA of energy, selling the energy that the installation of self-consumption photovoltaic solar energy generates. In this way, you will not have to pay anything for the installation, which will be yours in a final residual fee once it is paid.



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