Our Roles and Expertise

We integrate the experience and knowledge acquired in R&D projects in services for our clients.

Within the Research and Innovation activities performed at Creara, we take pride in developing ad-hoc business models and overall exploitation strategies for the solutions and tools developed within these projects.

Creara follows state-of-the art methodologies such as the Value Flow Model, the Lean Canvas Model, and Agile – just to name a few – for the design of business models, always considering the unique value proposition that our solutions can offer and incorporating detailed exploitation strategies and project roadmaps which will impact future research and policymaking at an EU level, as well as offering future commercial market opportunities for our clients, partners, and any additional stakeholders which can benefit from our solutions.

The Value Flow methodology, for example, has been used in the RenOnBill project. It allows for fast innovation through a rapid analysis of “Value Networks”, using these to display the ecosystem for an innovation, locating all the stakeholders involved in the value stream and mapping all their interactions, understanding the environment, and the behaviours of the key players involved.

Creara takes the utmost priority in not only delivering the most effective strategies to our clients, but also considering how the projects we work on can improve the sustainability and well-being of society and creating effective communication and dissemination strategies to reach out to as many stakeholders as possible.

We believe that the best way to deliver these solutions resides in a close collaboration with our partners in the energy and financial markets, as well as by including high-profile experts from a variety of backgrounds into our team.

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