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Type: Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action

Countries: Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and Bulgaria

Duration: 2017 – 2020

QualitEE aims to increase investments in energy efficiency on the building stock through the establishment of quality assurance frameworks for energy efficiency services in Europe.

To establish these quality assurance frameworks, National Teams have been formed with associations, certification bodies and financial institutions; minimum technical quality criteria and financial guidelines have been developed; quality criteria are being applied to pilot projects; and national business cases are being implemented.

Creara has taken the lead in institutionalising quality assurance frameworks, coordinating the rest of the European partners and executing all project activities in Spain.

Results achieved

The great added value of this project is the standardisation of quality criteria throughout Europe, covering a total of 15 countries. It is also the next step in the field of certification applied to energy efficiency.

Further, reports on quality criteria, national and European market studies of energy efficiency services and comparative analysis of potential business models have been published and are available on the project website. Quality criteria are currently being applied to pilot projects, and business models for quality assurance schemes are being designed.


Project website: