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Type: Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action

Countries: Italy, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain

Duration: 2020-2022

The Super-Heero project aims to mitigate the energy costs faced by small and medium-sized supermarkets in Europe. This cost can represent between 10% and 15% of the total operating costs of the supermarket and is expected to have a large margin of savings still to be achieved.

The Super-Heero project will make it easier for small and medium supermarkets to access the capital needed to implement energy efficiency strategies and unlock energy savings. It will develop an innovative collaborative and scalable financial scheme based on stakeholder and community engagement through strategies such as gamification and loyalty programmes.

 Two pilots are being carried out to put in practice the theory developed and with the aim to have the concept further replicated in retail and in other high-energy-demanding sectors.


Results achieved

In the first part of this project, extensive research has been carried out into current technologies and areas where it is hoped that higher levels of energy efficiency can be achieved in supermarkets.

Innovative ways of financing and contracting have also been developed to achieve the implementation of the measures studied.

In the pilot phase, which is currently underway, it is hoped that all the mechanisms developed in the project can be applied in real supermarkets, to check their suitability and proper functioning.

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