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Type: Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action

Countries: Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Czechia, Lithuania, Bulgaria

Duration: 2019-2022

The overall aim of the Triple-A project is to assist financial institutions increase their deployment of capital in energy efficiency, making investments more transparent.

The Triple-A project will develop a standardized methodology based on a rating system that includes analysis on the associated risks of each investment. This system will make possible to compare energy efficiency investments at international level. Therefore, an investment will be AAA if it meets minimum technical, financial, performance and risks requirements.

The project will develop standardised Triple-A tools, efficient benchmarks and guidelines, through which in-country demonstrations of the investments and recommendations are envisaged.

In other words, Triple-A seeks to answer three questions:

  • How to assess the financing instruments and risks an early stage?
  • How to agree on the Triple-A investments, based on selected key performance indicators?
  • How to assign the identified investment ideas with possible financing schemes?

Results achieved

At this point of the project, the Triple-A tools have been developed and real projects are starting to be introduced as testing is being finalised.

Training activities and webinars are being carried out to demonstrate and train partners and stakeholders on the functioning of the tools and the new methods of project evaluation and standardisation.

Project website: