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Type: Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action

Countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and France

Duration: 2019-2022

The purpose of HARP is to provide a well-known support decision tool for consumers when replacing space and water heating appliances.

HARP will allow to communicate and motivate the consumer to replace its heating system with modern high-efficiency and renewable solutions, based on the energy label and presenting the solutions that respond to the consumer’s heating needs, providing a quantified approach for economic and non-economic benefits. It will also list the market providers and available national incentives for each country.

HARP will work directly with the consumer, or indirectly via professionals who are critical multiplying agents.

Creara is the leader for the development of the heating system replacement decision support tool, in charge of the engagement and training of professional equipment installers and distributors.

Results achieved

The HARP online tool for the labelling of installed heating systems is already available for public use. Together with their current energetic label HARPa also gives to the users the most efficient heating solutions available in the market and that fit well to their specific situation.

At present communication actions are being planned and carried out with the aim of motivating consumers to change their heating appliances for the next heating season 2021-2022. A training program for professionals has also been designed and, in following weeks, different actions will be projected with the objective of involving the heating professionals in the consumers process decision of changing their heating solutions with the help of HARP. More specific results will be available for evaluation after the next heating season of 2021-2022

Project website:

Herramienta para consumidores y profesionales