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Project name: Analysis of innovative business models associated with EV.

Brief description: IEA DSM is a programme initiated in 1993 by the International Energy Agency. Its objective is the development of strategies to increase energy efficiency and reduce final energy demand. Task 25 of this program deals with the identification and development of innovative business models that contribute to achieving this goal.

Within this framework, and given the boom of the electric vehicle in recent years, the IEA DSM – Task 25 was interested in identifying innovative and highly replicable business models, particularly those associated with the use of batteries in electric cars. After analysing the main global markets, Creara identified 30 models that fit the described approach. The Creara team then characterised the identified business models, assessed their impact on energy efficiency and assessed their replicability on a European scale. Finally, Creara analysed the main barriers in the market for the adaptation of business models with greater potential and developed a series of recommendations to promote their dissemination.