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Project name: Installation of 4 double charging points for electric vehicle in Ilunion.

Brief description: Ilunion sociosanitario contracted Creara to design and execute the installation and commissioning of 3 double charging points for electric vehicles in the parking area of its offices in Madrid. Creara, taking into account the particularities of the customer’s facilities and their preferences in terms of charging power, performance and customer needs, developed and installed the charging infrastructure.

Through this project, Ilunion improves its home care resources by contributing to energy efficiency and environmental mobility within its business activity.

Measures implemented: Installation and commissioning of 4 wallbox charging points, each with two type 2 charging points according to IEC 62196-2, commonly referred to as Mennekes, as well as a controller which:

  • Analyses if all the elements are correctly connected before enabling the start of charging, in order to avoid damage to the vehicle or the installation.
  • Manages permissions for equipment loads or not through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).
  • LED indicator light provides information on the charging status of the system
  • Records energy consumption data and sends them to the management platform.
  • Possibility of connection via SIM card m2m or via Ethernet module
  • The charging points will have a maximum current of 16A and will charge at 230V, which is equivalent to a charging power of 3.6 kW.

Results achieved: Through the installation of the charging infrastructure, Ilunion will be able to serve the home care needs of its customers while improving its business image thanks to the support for sustainable mobility.