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Name of the project: Implementation of 4 charging points in Grupo Lualca.

Brief description: During the first quarter of the year, the Lualca Group implemented 4 electric vehicle charging points in 4 of its shopping centres located in the Community of Madrid. The company’s strategy was based on the Group’s desire to be able to offer its customers the possibility of charging their electric vehicles in its shopping centres, as well as to communicate the Group’s strategy regarding its commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change.

  • Measures implemented: 2 double points of 22 kW of power each were installed, thus preparing for the new load speeds, also offering the possibility of both three-phase and single-phase load. In this way, the Group covered the entire spectrum of currently used loading speeds.
  • Mennekes type sockets were installed in the wallbox of Creara. On the one hand, the equipment was configured with load analysers in order to count the consumption of the sockets. On the other hand, it had RFID card readers, used to give access to the different users of the points.
  • The whole system was controlled by means of a Creara charging points management platform, under PC version and with an App available for Android and iPhone.

Results achieved: The results are beginning to be exploited, helping the company to define the next steps within the electric vehicle deployment strategy.