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Project name: Implementation of 24 charging points at Bankia.

Brief description: During the second quarter of the year, Bankia implemented 24 charging points for electric vehicles in Madrid’s KIO Towers. In this way, Bankia takes a further step in its strategy towards sustainability, promoting respect for the environment through the promotion of clean energies, while at the same time offering its workers the possibility of charging their electric vehicles in the workplace.

  • Measures implemented: 12 double charging points were installed, offering Bankia employees the possibility of both three-phase and single-phase charging. The proposed solution thus covers a wide range of loading speed, adapted to the different types of load operating according to the current vehicle model.

Type 3 sockets, called Mennekes, have been installed. Creara wall boxes were implemented, enhancing scalability and flexibility for the future. In addition, the wall boxes have network analysers for each outlet, so it is possible to remotely monitor which users are charging and how much energy they are charging. In addition, they have a communications system equipped with an RFID card reader, allowing access to different users in the chargers and to control the load patterns that users have.

The 24 charging points are managed by means of Creara’s licensed electric vehicle charging points management software, which also develops an application available for Android and iPhone systems, with total accessibility for the user when charging their vehicle.

Results achieved: The data delivered by the system are beginning to be managed, helping Bankia to define its development strategy for the coming years at the company’s landing in a new model of energy mobility.