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Project name: Analysis of technological options in EV charging.

Brief description: The electrification of transport is a clear trend that will intensify over the coming decades. This trend is expected to be associated with increased use of certain materials, including copper. In order to quantify this possible impact on the use of copper, the International Copper Association counted on Creara to carry out the following analyses:

  • Quantification of the EV charging infrastructure required for the scenarios resulting from the combination of different charging technologies: AC/DC and slow/fast.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of each combination
  • Available battery technologies
  • Analysis of studies on the durability of EV batteries
  • Possible business models associated with battery charging
  • Impact on copper

Results achieved: Through the project, carried out by the Creara Consulting team in collaboration with the company’s experts in electric vehicles, a comprehensive compendium was developed on the combination scenarios of charging technologies and their impact on the use of copper. In addition, different business models associated with the use of batteries were analysed, as well as current technological developments in the field.