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Project name: Electric Car White Paper – «The electric vehicle – An important contributor to the EU’s climate and energy policy objectives».

Brief description: The European Copper Institute contracted Creara to prepare a White Paper on the electric vehicle (EV). The scope of the White Paper was limited to Europe and electric cars and was developed with the following objectives:

  • Describe the current status of the EV
  • Identify the main barriers and levers for the development of the EV

The White Paper provides a useful introduction to the electric vehicle, its ins and outs (advantages, barriers, types of electric car, batteries, charging processes and infrastructure) and its market. In addition, the White Paper makes an analysis of regulation in terms of European and national targets and provides an overview of the incentives offered to vehicles and their users in Europe. There are also two reference cases in the development of the EV (Norway and Spain).

Finally, based on the research and analysis carried out in the document, a series of recommendations aimed at promoting the acceptance and use of EV in Europe are presented.

During the preparation of the document, interviews were carried out with numerous experts, who also participated in the revision of the document.