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Project name: Implementation of a turnkey lighting project

Brief description: In line with the high level of energy efficiency activity carried out by Creara as a result of the transposition of RD 56/2016, energy audits were carried out at the facilities that Newrest had distributed throughout the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the Iberian Peninsula.

As a result of the energy audits, numerous measures with a high potential for reducing energy consumption were identified.

After analysing the feasibility of the measures and the payback periods for each of them, it was agreed with Newrest’s managers to replace inefficient luminaires with high-efficiency LED luminaires at a global level.

With the aim of optimally positioning the new luminaires and thus improving user comfort, Creara designed the best solution for each of the 13 installations covered by the project through the data collection carried out in the energy audit and the simulation of the lighting through the Dialux lighting design programme.

The supply and installation of more than 4,500 luminaires was carried out optimally without interrupting Newrest’s usual activity.

  • Measures implemented: Design, supply and installation of LED luminaires in 13 Logistics Centres distributed throughout the Peninsula, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands of Newrest.
  • Specifically, 4,694 lamps were replaced (3,787 fluorescent, 61 incandescent, 48 halogen, 36 mercury vapour, 59 projectors, 50 roadways, 128 downlight, 103 hoods and 422 panels).

Results achieved: Increased user comfort through the appropriate colour temperature of the luminaires, compliance with required legislation and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Energy savings: 60% of total lighting consumption
  • Economic savings: 71,000 euros/year