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Project name: Trust EPC South – Building Trust in Energy Performance Contracting in Southern European Countries

Brief description: 

The EPC South Trust project aimed to unlock the potential of the tertiary sector market for energy efficiency investments in Southern Europe by developing a new investment assessment tool backed by a standardised building rating methodology (Green Rating™). This instrument will support energy service companies (energy service providers and installers), financial institutions and actors in the tertiary sector, through the application of a standardized methodology for investment evaluation and decision-making processes, which will ultimately reduce barriers to investments in energy efficiency.

Creara was the project coordinator, responsible for the overall delivery of the project and for leading the main national activities in Spain.

Results achieved: Real estate and tertiary sector agents can use the GREPCon tool to identify and prioritise energy savings, as well as to recognise opportunities for renovating buildings and more easily access financing from third parties such as banks, funds or public services. On the other hand, these financial institutions can take advantage of the tool to identify and evaluate risks both for the entire project as a whole and for each technical measure and team involved in the investment. The value of the tool lies in its standardised approach and the fact that its application is certified by an independent third party such as Bureau Veritas.