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Project name: Telemetry The Phone House.

Brief description: The Phone House, a communications services company, relied on the services of Creara in 2014 to develop an energy management project through telemetry in 90 telephony stores located in Spain.

The project contemplated the massive change of billing meters for others equipped with the ability to register and send data to an online server. The data was sent through GPRS technology to the GENiO system of Creara.

Subsequently, the data was managed by GENiO’s specialized energy management software, capable of setting alarms for excess reactive energy consumption, excess power or excess and defect of active energy. In addition, it allows comparisons between supply points and over time, establish indicators and simulate the electricity bill. A very powerful tool for the energy management of a multi-point company.

Results achieved: With the project, The Phone House got information about its energy consumption in a wide network of CUPS, enabling to:

  1. Detect anomalous consumption and compare at various levels in order to perform benchmarking
  2. Detect at the moment consumption deviations and penalties for different concepts
  3. Eliminate the expense of the tax accountant rent