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Project name: Gap analysis and implementation of an ISO 50001 Management System at Airbus plants.

Brief description: The implementation of the project was twofold: first, a gap analysis to identify the situation of Airbus plants with a view to the implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS) in accordance with ISO 50001 (and the definition of an action plan to achieve it) was carried out. The second element consisted in the design and implementation of the SGE in 8 Airbus plants until its certification by an accredited entity.

In addition, Airbus plant personnel were trained in Management Systems (SGE) in accordance with ISO 50001.

Measures implemented:

  • Gap analysis and definition of an action plan to achieve the closing of the gaps. For this purpose, information on consumption, analysis of the starting situation and its degree of divergence with respect to the requirements of ISO 50001 was collected.
  • Design and implementation of SGE according to ISO 50001. This phase involves carrying out of the following activities: preparation of the energy review, baseline, objectives and goals plan and development of the SGE documentation.
  • Provision of support until the SGE certification by an accredited entity

Results achieved:

  • Systematized and continuous energy management through a voluntary standard
  • Certification obtained with the consequent advantages of image and sustainability for the company



  • Energy savings: not applicable


  • Economic savings: not applicable