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Project name: Telemetry and CEU sub-metering

Brief description: CEU San Pablo University is the third largest private university in Spain. As such, it has numerous facilities nationwide, and therefore abundant electrical supply points. The control over them is of great importance and because of this CEU Sao Paulo has decided to monitor their energy consumption at two levels:

  • Monitoring and remote management of energy consumption
  • Sub-metering of energy consumption downstream of the tax meter

Sub-metering of leased cafeteria and canteens in 17 centres to pass on the cost to those who grant the cafeteria/dining rooms.

Sub-metering Montepríncipe (Madrid): they have 17 monitored DEXMA circuits.

The whole project has been carried out by the Creara team of the Software & Telemetry Department..

  • Measures implemented:
  • Installation of 29 tele managed meters nationwide, with access to a consumption monitoring platform.
  • Installation of 17 network analysers in the circuits of the dining rooms and cafeterias of the CEU San Pablo centres throughout Spain.
  • Installation of 17 network analysers at the Monteprínicipe centre (Madrid), with access to a consumption monitoring platform.

Results achieved:  With the project CEU San Pablo will get information about its energy consumption at three levels:

  1. On a general level, through meters, which will allow them to compare supply behaviours and forecast costs.
  2. Monitor the energy consumption of their cafés and restaurants, operated by third parties, so that they can pass on the costs to them.
  3. To monitor the energy consumption of the Montepríncipe centre, which will allow them to start an adequate and informed energy management that will end up having a positive impact on economic savings.