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Project name: EU HEROES – EU Routes for High Penetration of Solar PV into Local Networks

Brief description: The objective of the EU HEROES project is to address the challenges faced by EU PV projects in terms of grid restrictions and the progressive reduction of subsidies for solar PV. These challenges are addressed through:

  • The identification and development of cooperative models that allow greater deployment of photovoltaic solar energy in areas with grid restrictions, working with grid operators and 100% renewable energy communities.
  • Cost-benefit analysis and an assessment of the economic viability of business models that allow the community to store, use, aggregate and exchange solar electricity between locations.
  • Empower citizens to have a greater say in their energy supply, democratizing energy and recirculating the benefits within those communities.

Creara is responsible for coordinating business model development activities in all participating countries and directing all national activities in Spain.

Results achieved: Current EU PV projects are currently being analysed from an economic point of view, and innovative business models for the deployment of these projects on a European scale are being identified and designed. The first results will be available during 2019.

Project website: