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Name of the project: Photovoltaic installation in the Castle of Cáceres.

Brief description: The Castle of Cáceres, a five-room rural hotel in which weddings are also celebrated, has decided to make an investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency, adapting a 16th century building to the most avant-garde technologies of the 21st century. The project will include a photovoltaic installation to supply part of the electricity demand of the hotel, the installation of a charging point for electric vehicles and advice on the purchase of energy to adapt energy consumption to the best options on the market.

  • Measures implemented: Photovoltaic installation on the ground. 10 kWp of power will be installed, which will generate a percentage of the electricity consumption of the hotel in the form of self-consumption without discharge to the grid. On the other hand, a charging point will be installed for electric vehicles and an advice will be provided on the purchase of energy to get the best prices on the market.

Results achieved:  The photovoltaic installation will generate 15,632 kWh per year, which represents 43.1% of the annual electricity consumption of the hotel. This, combined with the expected advice on the electricity tariff, will result in significant economic savings for the Castle of Cáceres.


  • Energy savings: 43.1%


  • Economic savings: 2,901 euros/year