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Project name: THERMOS – Thermal Energy Resource Modelling and Optimisation System

Brief description:

The overall aim of the THERMOS project is to provide the methods, data, and tools to enable more sophisticated thermal energy system planning rapidly and cheaply. The purpose is to expand and accelerate the development of new low carbon heating and cooling systems across Europe, and to enable faster upgrading, refurbishment and expansion of existing systems.

Creara is a member of the Project Steering Committee, and is responsible for coordinating capacity building activities, leading the validation of the THERMOS tool and directing national activities in Spain.

Results achieved:  The GIS-based open-source THERMOS tool will allow local government planners and other professionals to easily elaborate feasibility studies for district heating and cooling networks, starting with a basic estimate of the thermal demand provided by the application itself. Initial datasets can be customized and improved by users, allowing for more detailed energy and economic estimates.

Project website: